A+ Design Group Co-creates with Virtual Design and Construction

Building on Aidea’s journey to become an integrated design provider, A+ Design Group focuses on clients who need to build technically challenging projects. The design scope gets expanded, from business development and project establishment through all the stages of design, construction and building operation. The group’s design process utilizes Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to deliver integrated and coordinated design packages ready for implementation.

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Simplified Delivery of Integrated Design
Provides a Compelling Customer Experience
And Creates Value for the Client.

A+ Design Group is led by Aidea, a major architectural firm from the Philippines, and is build on the long standing collaboration with SVR Architects and Meinhardt Engineering. Together we have delivered successful projects for 15+ years.

The aim is to be a one stop shop for those clients who need to build complex, technically challenging projects, from business case development and project establishment through all the design stages. We continue to expand the group with designers who bring the necessary local market knowledge, as well as global experts who can flow to the work as needed.

Our design process uniquely uses advanced technology to make sure we deliver a fully integrated and coordinated design package that’s ready for implementation.

This approach allows us to complement the local team with expertise from elsewhere in a cost and time efficient manner. In each case we form a project team based on the specific requirements of the project, so that we can provide an optimum combination of location specific knowledge with deep subject matter expertise. This overcomes the challenges of emerging markets and ensures the success of the project.